Monday, March 16, 2015

Fiberteria: Eat Your Fiber (Only PLANT-BASED Items SERVED)

In the Fiberteria, only PLANT-BASED items are served because fiber is ONLY found in foods of plant-origin; animal-sourced foods have zero fiber
(unless that fiber comes from plants).

Eating your daily supply of fiber will keep the intestine and colon running healthfully, helping to prevent colon cancer and various intestinal diseases.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Maynard's Texas Vegan Buffet

Let's have a contest (no cash prizes - just "posted popularity") to
ENVISION a full vegan restaurant concept
(start-to-finish imagination): 

I'll start!

Maynard's Texas Vegan Buffet

Get all you can and can all you get

"What are you going to eat as a vegan?"  
Drive in to Maynard's Vegan Buffet and find out!  

Dietitian-developed vegan buffet complete with calorie counts, sign up for birthday parties and anniversaries, celebrations of going vegan, etc.  Everyone dressed in colorful uniforms made of vegetable-patterned or fruit-patterned cloth, different vegetables celebrated each day, with free recipes tweeted out (or in RSS feeds) to those who sign up online or in the vegan buffet centers; big parties for vegetarian days, such as GAMO (Great American Meatout), World Vegetarian Day, National Heart Month, International Vegan Day, Gandhi's birthday, Feast Day of St. Francis, etc.

Concept: Overeating - if you dare, but we strongly advise against it, for the following reasons: 1, 2, 3, 4.  We CAN make eating right amounts of vegan food VERY satisfying by integrating culinary arts with dietetic and nutritional science and skill.  We educate and nurture our clients - in person and electronically.  Value-Added venue that is affordable (on both sides) and sustainable.